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Monday, October 25, 2010

AZ, Big Sean, Big L ft Biggie & Tupac

AZ is definitely one of the most underrated artists in the hip hop world. The 15th anniversary edition of his album Doe or Die is scheduled for a November 23rd drop. 

The Format: Such a simple beat, but his lyrics are flawless as usual.

Listen and Download this track here.

You can also listen and download "The Calm" which is from the 15th anniversary edition of Doe or Die here.
Other songs to check out from AZ: Sugar Hill, The Come Up, & Lifes a Bitch.

Deadly Combination - Big L ft Biggie Smalls & Tupac

Not much to even say about these guys, the name says it all. A great remix with a beat i could listen to all day.

Listen and Download here.

Time to finish up MTV's hottest MC list.
#8. Waka Flacka Flame. I wasnt sure if this was a joke or not. Not really an MC in my books, but whatever.

#7. Lil Wayne. He definitely played his cards right, his Young Money team is going strong. Even when the dude is in prison hes hot.

#6. Nicki Minaj. I can fuck with some Nicki, but sometimes her barbie flow annoys me.

#5. Rick Ross, Teflon Don definitely a great project.
#4. Drake, dude was and still is being heard everywhere, although hes starting to get pretty radio friendly.
#3. Kanye West, definitely deserves to be here, i mean, did u read my last post?
#2. Jay Z, his reign pretty much carried from 2009 into 2010, but he hasnt really put out too much this year.
#1. Eminem, definitely deserves to be here, Recovery was a great album and was fifteen steps up from Relapse.

Do you think the list was accurate? Why or why not?

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Upcoming artists: Sway and King, T.I., J.Cole, LLoyd Banks, The Fugees, Drake, Cassidy, The Game and much much more.


  1. Great tracks! sweet music

  2. Deadly Combination!! The legendary 3 unite!

  3. really like big l. i got lifestyles of poor and dangerous and really enjoy it